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Compression Neuropathy Treatment

Compression neuropathy causes severe pain and numbness, making it impossible to do everyday chores. A compression neuropathy treatment from Dr. Nilesh Satbhai in Mumbai can help you deal with your symptoms and enhance your quality of life. Book an appointment today!

What is Compression Neuropathy?

Compression neuropathy is a type of nerve damage that can occur when the nerves are compressed or pinched. This can happen due to a variety of reasons, including injury, poor posture, repetitive motions, obesity, or diabetes. Compression neuropathy can lead to pain, numbness, tingling, and weakness in the affected area.

The common types of compression neuropathy are as follows:

Carpal tunnel syndrome: This is the most common type of compression neuropathy. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition in which the median nerve, which travels from the forearm to the hand, is compressed.

Cubital tunnel syndrome: Cubital tunnel syndrome (Ulnar nerve entrapment) is a condition in which the ulnar nerve, which travels from the shoulder to the hand, gets compressed.

Radial tunnel syndrome: Radial tunnel syndrome occurs when the radial nerve, which travels from the shoulder to the hand, gets compressed.

Symptoms of compression neuropathy

The symptoms of compression neuropathy can vary depending on the type of nerve damage. One may experience:

  • Numbness, tingling, or pain in the affected area
  • Weakness in the affected muscles
  • Difficulties performing certain movements

What is Compression Neuropathy Treatment?

Compression neuropathy treatment focuses on reducing the pressure on the compressed nerve to assist with function and pain relief. Compression neuropathy treatment is usually recommended to someone who has tried non-surgical treatments, such as physiotherapy and medication, and has not experienced significant symptom relief.

What to expect during the consultation for Compression Neuropathy Treatment?

During the consultation, Dr. Nilesh Satbhai will perform a physical examination and discuss your medical history. He will also ask about your symptoms, when they started, and what makes them better or worse. Be sure to tell Dr. Nilesh about any other health conditions you have and any medications you are taking. In addition, he might request imaging tests, such as x-rays or an MRI, to determine the severity of the problem. Based on the examination, Dr. Nilesh will develop a treatment plan that is tailored to your individual needs.

How is Compression Neuropathy Treatment performed?

Compression neuropathy surgery is usually performed under general anesthesia. The specific steps of the procedure depend on the type of nerve damage you have. In most situations, a ligament or tendon that is putting pressure on the compressed nerve will have to be released.

In some cases, Dr. Nilesh may need to remove some bone or soft tissue that is compressing the nerve.

How is the recovery after Compression Neuropathy Treatment?

After surgery, Dr. Nilesh will apply a splint or cast to the affected limb or body part to help safeguard it while it heals. Depending on the severity of the nerve compression symptoms, physiotherapy may be required in some circumstances following compression neuropathy treatment. The recovery time will depend on the damaged nerve and the surgical method used.

What is the cost of Compression Neuropathy Treatment in Mumbai?

The cost of compression neuropathy treatment in Mumbai will vary depending on the severity of your condition and the type of surgery required. Dr. Nilesh Satbhai will provide you with a thorough estimate of the cost of your compression neuropathy treatment during your consultation.

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Benefits of Compression Neuropathy Treatment

Compression neuropathy treatment can help with relieving the symptoms of nerve compression, improve the function of the affected body part, and decrease the risk of further nerve damage. It can also assist in improving the patient’s quality of life.

What are the risks associated with Compression Neuropathy Treatment?

As with any surgery, there are certain risks or complications associated with compression neuropathy treatment. These include infection, nerve damage, and bleeding. If any of these complications occur, Dr. Nilesh Satbhai will take the necessary steps to treat the problem effectively.

Compression Neuropathy Treatment

Relieve Nerve Compression Pain With Compression Neuropathy Treatment in Mumbai

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