Restore Function Of The Nerve With Nerve Repair Surgery

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Nerve Repair

Nerve Repair

Nerve damage can cause a wide range of symptoms, including pain, numbness, tingling, weakness, and loss of function. If you are suffering from any of these symptoms, nerve repair surgery may be the answer. The goal of nerve repair surgery is to restore the function of the damaged nerve and relieve the symptoms associated with it. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Nilesh Satbhai today!

What are nerve injuries?

Nerve injuries are a common type of nerve damage that can occur due to trauma or disease. A nerve injury can damage the brain’s ability to send messages to muscles and organs, resulting in severe discomfort and even disability.

Causes of nerve injuries

There are many different causes of nerve injuries. The most common cause is trauma, which can damage the nerve directly or cause it to become compressed. Medical conditions and diseases like cancer, diabetes, or multiple sclerosis (MS) can also damage the nerve, either through direct damage or compression of the nerve.

Symptoms of nerve injuries

Symptoms of nerve injuries vary depending on the severity of the damage and the location of the injury. However, common symptoms include:

  • Pain
  • Numbness
  • Tingling
  • Weakness
  • Paralysis

What is Nerve Repair?

Nerve repair is a type of surgery that is performed to treat nerve injuries or nerve damage. The goal of nerve repair surgery is to restore the function of the nerve and relieve the symptoms associated with nerve damage.

The right candidate for nerve repair surgery is someone who has sustained nerve damage due to trauma or disease that is causing pain or preventing them from performing everyday activities.

What to expect at the consultation for Nerve Repair?

At the consultation for nerve repair, Dr. Nilesh Satbhai will perform a thorough physical examination of the affected area. He will evaluate your current health condition and full medical history. Dr. Nilesh will also need to take x-rays and other tests to determine the cause and extent of the nerve damage.

Dr. Nilesh will ask you about your symptoms and how the nerve damage is impacting your life. He will then determine the most suitable treatment for your nerve repair.

What treatments are involved in Nerve Repair?

The type of nerve repair Dr. Nilesh Satbhai recommends will depend on the cause of the nerve injury and the severity of nerve damage. The most common types of nerve repair treatments are:

Direct nerve repair

Direct nerve repair is the simplest form of nerve repair surgery. It is generally performed for small cuts or tears in the nerve. During direct nerve repair, Dr. Nilesh will carefully align the severed ends of the nerve and sew them together with extremely fine stitches.

Nerve transfer

During a nerve transfer, Dr. Nilesh takes a healthy, unessential, functioning nerve and connects it to the non-functioning, damaged nerve. This allows the damaged nerve to regenerate and regain the ability to carry sensation and movement signals.

Nerve grafting

Nerve grafting is a more complex nerve repair surgery. Nerve grafting is generally performed for nerve damage that is too severe to be repaired with direct nerve repair or nerve transfer. During nerve grafting, Dr. Nilesh takes a healthy, unessential nerve from another area of the body and transplants it to the non-functioning area of the damaged nerve. The healthy nerve will aid in the regeneration of the damaged nerve, allowing it to recover sensation and function.

Compression neuropathy release

Nerve compression is often caused when the nerve is pinched or compressed by surrounding tissues. Nerve compression leads to conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome, cubital tunnel syndrome, and thoracic outlet syndrome. Compression neuropathy release is a type of nerve repair surgery that is performed to relieve nerve compression.

During the surgery, Dr. Nilesh will release the pressure on the nerve by cutting through the tendon or ligament that is compressing the nerve. Dr. Nilesh may also need to remove any pieces of bone or soft tissue that may be pressing on the nerve.

Learn more about compression neuropathy here.

How is the recovery after Nerve Repair?

After nerve repair surgery, Dr. Nilesh Satbhai will place a cast or splint on the affected body part in order to protect it during the healing period. Physiotherapy will be required to help regain strength and function in the affected body part. The type and duration of physiotherapy to be performed will be determined on the basis of the type of nerve injury repair surgery performed.

It is essential to attend the follow-up sessions with Dr. Nilesh so that he can monitor the healing process.

What is the cost of Nerve Repair in Mumbai?

The cost of nerve repair in Mumbai will vary depending on the type and severity of nerve damage, as well as the type of nerve repair surgery performed. Dr. Nilesh will provide you with a detailed estimate of the cost of your nerve repair treatment during your consultation.

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What are the benefits of Nerve Repair?

The benefits of nerve repair surgery usually include relief from pain that was caused by the nerve damage, improvement in sensation in the affected area, as well as the improvement of movement and function in that same area. In some cases, people have also noted an overall improvement in their quality of life following nerve repair surgery.

What are the risks associated with Nerve Repair?

As with any surgery, nerve repair surgery carries the risk of infection, bleeding, and numbness. These risks will be discussed in detail during your consultation with Dr. Nilesh Satbhai . Dr. Nilesh is a skilled and experienced reconstructive surgeon who can effectively treat any complications that may occur.

Nerve Repair

Say Goodbye To Nerve Pain With Nerve Repair Surgery In Mumbai

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