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Facial Palsy Repair

Facial palsy can be a very debilitating condition that can make it difficult to speak, eat, and make facial expressions. If you are suffering from facial palsy, you may feel like you have lost a part of yourself. Facial palsy repair is the solution for you. This surgery can help to improve the function of your facial muscles and restore your quality of life. Book an appointment with Dr. Nilesh Satbhai today!

What is facial palsy?

Facial palsy is the partial or complete paralysis of the facial muscles. Facial palsy generally affects only one side of the face, though it may affect both sides of the face in rare instances.

Paralysis of the facial muscles can lead to several problems, including difficulty speaking, eating, and making facial expressions. Facial palsy can lead to social isolation and depression.

Symptoms of facial palsy

The symptoms of facial palsy depend on the severity of the condition. In mild cases, there may be only a slight drooping of the corner of the mouth. In more severe cases, the entire face may be affected.

Common symptoms of facial palsy include:

  • Drooling
  • Difficulty speaking
  • Difficulty eating
  • Excessive tearing of eyes
  • Impaired sense of smell
  • Drooping or trouble making facial expressions
  • Weakness or paralysis on one side or both sides of the face

Causes of facial palsy

Facial palsy can be caused by many different things, including:

  • Bell’s palsy: This is the most common form of facial paralysis. The exact cause of Bell’s palsy has not been identified, but most believe it develops as a result of damage to the seventh cranial nerve, which controls facial muscle function.
  • Trauma to the face: Facial palsy can be the result of an injury to the face, such as a car accident or a severe fall.
  • Infection: Facial palsy is caused by viral infections, like Ramsay Hunt syndrome, caused by the varicella-zoster virus.
  • Tumors: Facial palsy can be caused by tumors that compress the nerve that controls facial muscles.

What is Facial Palsy Repair?

Facial palsy repair is a type of reconstructive surgery that is used to improve the function of the facial muscles. This surgery can help to restore the ability to speak, eat, and make facial expressions. Facial palsy repair is recommended for someone who is suffering from facial palsy that is permanent or not expected to improve in the short term.

What to expect at the consultation for Facial Palsy Repair?

During the consultation for facial palsy repair, Dr. Nilesh Satbhai will carefully examine your face and may order tests, like electromyography (EMG) or nerve conduction studies, to determine the cause of your facial palsy. Dr. Nilesh will also discuss your full medical history with you, including any illnesses, injuries, or previous surgeries.

Dr. Nilesh Satbhai will answer any questions you may have about facial palsy repair and explain the potential risks and complications of the procedure. Dr. Nilesh will develop a treatment plan suitable for your unique case.

What treatments are involved in Facial Palsy Repair?

The ultimate aim of facial palsy repair is to restore involuntary, autonomous, and spontaneous facial movement. There are many different types of facial palsy repair, and the type of surgery Dr. Nilesh recommends will depend on the severity and cause of your condition, and the time elapsed since the start of the paralysis.

The most common types of facial palsy repair are:

Nerve grafting

Nerve grafting is a type of surgery that is used to repair damage to the facial nerves. Nerve grafting involves taking a healthy, unessential nerve from another part of the body and transplanting it to the damaged, non-functioning facial nerve. The healthy nerve will aid in the repair of the damaged nerve, allowing it to regain feeling and function.

Functioning free muscle transfer

During functioning free muscle transfer, the gracilis muscle is removed from the inner thigh through an incision. The nerves and blood vessels attached to the gracilis muscle will be carefully removed along with the muscle. The gracilis muscle will be transplanted to the face, and the nerves and blood vessels will be reconnected to nerves and vessels in the face and/or neck. This allows the facial nerve to send signals to the transplanted gracilis muscle and restore movement.

How is the recovery after Facial Palsy Repair?

Most people who undergo facial palsy repair will experience some degree of swelling and bruising after the surgery. Patients should be advised to start their recovery with a soft diet and no vigorous activity for the first two weeks at home. After the surgery, Dr. Nilesh Satbhai may ask the patients to do various face exercises.

The results of facial palsy repair will be seen over several months after the procedure. It is essential to attend follow-up appointments with Dr. Nilesh Satbhai so that Dr. Nilesh can keep track of the healing and recovery process, and ensure that there are no complications.

What is the cost of Facial Palsy Repair in Mumbai?

The cost of facial palsy repair depends on the severity of the condition and the type of procedure Dr. Nilesh Satbhai will recommend.

At the consultation, Dr. Nilesh will consider your unique situation and explain the full cost of the procedure and the contributing factors.

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What are the benefits of Facial Palsy Repair?

Facial palsy repair can improve the appearance of the face, as well as restore facial function and sensation. This type of surgery can help to improve the quality of life for patients suffering from facial palsy.

What are the risks associated with Facial Palsy Repair?

Like all surgical treatments, there is a chance of infection, poor wound healing, and bleeding following facial palsy repair. However, these risks are rarely seen and can be easily and safely addressed by experienced reconstructive surgeon Dr. Nilesh Satbhai .

Facial Palsy Repair

Get Back Control Of Your Face With Facial Palsy Repair

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